Women Tell Husbands, Boyfriends, Side Pieces And Sons They Better Not Call Or Ask For S**t During Patti/Gladys Verzuz

The next Verzuz will feature Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight. Women over 40 have let the men in their lives know to leave them be. “My phone better not ring!” yelled Cynthia “Ma Dukes” Winston. “My husband and son need to find a game to watch and order a pizza. I don’t want to hear nothin’ but Patti and Gladys. LaTrice Perkins who will be babysitting her granddaughter says she plans to change the baby’s diaper right before the battle so she won’t have to change it during the livestream.

Instagram has seen a surge of new memberships mostly from Black women. They range in age from 40-95 and have either served in a church choir or usher board. Grandchildren and great nieces and nephews nationwide will be on standby throughout the nation. They’ll be on hand to help their grandmothers and Ti Ti’s find Instagram, turn up the volume and read or leave comments for them. If you know a Black woman over the age of 50, The Urban Beet strongly recommends that you do not call them during this time. Lawd help you if your call interrupts their stream and they can’t find their was back to it.

Author: theurbanbeetAdmin