Middle Aged Americans Furious Over Women Wearing Little To No Clothing

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Some middle aged Americans were shocked and disgusted this weekend when old episodes of the 80’s show Solid Gold took over the Internet. The show’s featured dancer Darcel was the object of most of the ire. “This is a bad look for Black women” said Todd Ensell. Ensell is the president of Know Woman Know Cry, a support group for men who ain’t seen no paaaaarts of a woman in years.

Others are worried that the lack of clothing may lead to a general lack of respect for women overall. Luther Campbell, a retired rapper says he’s concerned about his granddaughters. “I don’t want to see women objectified and devalued. This could lead to men making music that is disrespectful towards women. I would never put out anything like this. We need to cancel Solid Gold.”

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Author: theurbanbeetweekly

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August 11, 2020 9:43 am

I guess they’d rather have #lukewarmgirlsummer