Lifetime Network To Air Scathing Documentary On Snoop Dogg Claiming He Smokes Weed And Uses Profanity

A controversial documentary on rapper Calvin Broadus, widely known as Snoop Dogg is in the works. It claims the Long Beach rapper has smoked the schedule I drug marijuana. The documentary contains testimonials from hundreds perhaps even thousands of people who claim to have smoked with Snoop Dogg. Fans of Broadus are pushing back. “They’re just trying to bring another Brotha down.” says Snoop fan D’arius, Clemmons. “How they even know that’s real weed he smokin’? I heard it’s non alcoholic weed and it’s all for his image.”

The documentary also highlights the many profane words Snoop Dogg has used in his lyrics. “We’re just trying to bring this to light. We’re in a new day and age. These celebrities need to be exposed for who they really are.” says producer and director of the documentary Shirley Phelps. When told Snoop has never tried to hide who he was Phelps responded “That’s him telling people who he is but we felt it was important for the public to get it from another source. We hope the public watches and sees him for who we really claim him to be.”

Author: John Moody

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