Choir Director Told To Stop Playing Tambourine So “Enthusiastically”

Houston, Texas- Twanshawn Jackson, Choir Director of Cast the First Stone Baptist Church was told to tone down his tambourine playing by Deacon Klauset.  Mr. Jackson, who has been the choir director for eight years was surprised saying

“I don’t know what he means by that. When I play, I’m praising The Lord and The Lord don’t like nothing lukewarm so when I play I keeps it hot. You pray hard, you play hard.”

Not that hard according to Deacon Klauset.

“Ain’t nobody got to praise the Lord that hard. Don’t make no sense for the boy to play the tambourine like that. We don’t want that kind of……spirit in this church. It’s a distraction…..for the womenfolk you know. The way he makes that tambourine jingle after he pops it off his svelte, rhythmically gyrating hips. Pop jangle, pop jangle, pop jangle….I’m sure it stays in my….I mean the women’s head all day.”

It does not according to many of the female members.

“It doesn’t bother me” said sister Cynthia Mathews. “He ain’t my type and I’m almost certain I’m not his so I don’t think he’s doing it to entice ….the women in the congregation. ” 

Choir member Dollie McDonald who seemed humored by all of it offered advice to the Deacon. Barely able to hold back a smile she said:

“I just don’t know what it is about Twan’s playing that gets Deacon so hot….so…. bothered.  What could it be?  I told him if he thinks Twan is doing too much…that his spirit is too enthusiastic or flamboyant then maybe he should lay hands on him.  The Deacon seemed really pleased with that suggestion.”


Author: John Moody

John B. Moody is a comedic performer, writer, and Executive Publisher of The Urban Beet. He is also hosts the Dear John Podcast. Please send questions, comments or marriage proposals to the email address he provided when you met.