Lottery Winner Excited To Be Able To Afford Anything He Wants At Rent-A-Center

Schenectady, New York- Last week Larry Foye woke up $800,000.00 richer. After getting 5 out of six numbers in a Mega Millions jackpot, he waited patiently for the State of New York to issue the nearly one million dollar check. 

“The first thing I’m going to do is return all of this cheap furniture from Rent-A-Center. Then I going to rent me some real nice stuff. Next I’m going to see if my landlord will allow me to make some improvements to the place. Get it painted real nice get a pit put into the living room floor.” 

We followed Mr. Foye on his first day as a hundred thousandaire. The first stop was Rick’s Check Cashing to cash his mega check. Asked if paying the 3% check cashing fee amounting to $24,000.00 seemed a bit much, Larry frowned.

“Nah, You gonna say I should open a bank account. Peep game, I don’t want the government keeping tabs on how much money I got. Sometimes you have to pay to stay off the grid. Imma still walk away with $776,000.00”.

Larry was slightly aggravated to learn the check cashing place didn’t have that much in cash on hand.  The bodyguards he hired to accompany him weren’t happy to hear they would have to wait to be paid.  We then went to a local tattoo parlor. Larry handed a tattoo artist a few pictures of himself decked out in Gucci.

“This is my favorite outfit, I’m gonna get a tattoo of the whole outfit on my entire body.”

Asked if he planned to invest any of the money Larry said he definitely would.

“I ain’t no fool. I want to build on my riches. I’m gonna take at least 100k and reinvest in more lottery tickets and play high stakes bingo.”

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Author: John Moody

John B. Moody is a comedic performer, writer, and Executive Publisher of The Urban Beet. He is also hosts the Dear John Podcast. Please send questions, comments or marriage proposals to the email address he provided when you met.
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November 14, 2018 4:08 pm

These stories are such a breath of fresh air and a great escape from the real news of the world!