Boxing Judge Takes A Point From Serena Williams During GGG/Canelo Fight.

Las Vegas, Nevada- It was an epic display of pugilism Saturday night. Canelo Alverez defeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in a majority decision at T-Mobile Arena.

Boxing has become notorious for controversial decisions and this one didn’t disappoint. In the third round, Judge Wilbur Trammell  deducted a point from Serena Williams. Williams was not a contestant in the fight. In a rare statement from a boxing judge, Trammell stated:

“The fight was going well. Then I noticed Serena in the crowd cheering wildly. She was being very aggressive and encouraged one of the fighters to be violent towards the other. She instigated a physical altercation between the fighters. I deducted a point from her. We expect more dignified behavior” 

Despite the fact that fans encouraging violence and physical altercations is what boxing is about, Trammell went on to explain:

“This isn’t about the crowd or the boxers, this is about holding Serena accountable for her actions. We may have to ban her from future fights if she can’t conduct herself in a civilized and ladylike manner.”

Author: John Moody

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